When we say Gramathu Paal, we mean honest to our roots. Over time we have realized that dairy-free could not have been the solution to what came before us. And in coming back to our Indian roots we realized that – dairy farming is nurturing a nature-based ecosystem that thrives when each element is given due respect and care. The farm, the cows, the process, the packaging, and above all you the customer with your informed choice – are the most crucial aspects of this ecosystem. At the core of Gramathu Paal is the commitment to sustainably harness this farming system to come with products that not only supplement our lifestyle but also improve it.

We are proud to bring you products that are a culmination of natural nutrients


With a mission to contribute to the well-being of society, Dr. Janarthanan – founder of Gramathu Paal, started a brand that intends to bring about a revolution in the dairy industry and Desi cow breeding. His Dairy Farm (Gramathupaal) is a reflection of his love and affection for cows. Here, desi cows are bred, raised, and pampered to produce the freshest, milk.

“When cows eat healthily, the A2 Desi cow milk quality is improved.”

With state-of-art facilities, the latest technologies, and an impeccable environment, Dr. Janarthanan seems to have pledged to change the way that milk is produced, processed, and consumed.

According to Dr. Janarthanan, we all deserve the best milk for nutrition and he wishes to provide the same with an unwavering assurance of quality.

Dr. K. Janarthanan

Founder, Gramathu Paal

What Customers Say

It's good nd original cow milk. Really that's good product and good for health..
Gopinathan Ramaswamy
One of the best farms I have visited. Quality milk products from kind and loving people.
Mani inam
Good health for childrens, they dont add water, milk powders or any preservatives...thanks for ur job..gramapthupaal...!
philip andrew
High quality milk never expected this much quality from the supplier, awesome quality. great way to go
Gowtham housing
I am really impressed with the quality of milk. very healthy to children. all the products are very nice
Alaghu Gowtham
I bought Fresh cow milk. The quality is awesome. A2 milk and buffalo milk is also available here purchasing all dairy products here thank u gramathupaal
Natural fitness studio Natural
We can buy the milk as like from our own house cow. We can see the the cows while milking and we are speechless for the quality. All the best...
sham jeeth
After a long time I am getting original nattu Mattu milk.... That too without mixed water... Its really amazing...
raghu veer
pure a2 cow milk available and farm fresh milk, they deliver milk for us happy customer
sonali sona
Pure cow milk delivered at best price, they deliver milk freshly from the cow.. Best quality at cheap and best price

It’s good for you because we want it that way.